2020 Annual Homeowner's Meeting (Post-meeting update)

Hello, Castle Peak homeowner! Welcome.

We encourage you and any other adult in your household who wants to engage in the community to register. As this is a private site, each registration will be reviewed and validated before an account is activated. This will ensure only Castle Peak residents have access. There will be very little available for public consumption.

A couple of notes about registering:

How much information you supply is up to you, as is what others can see. However, we do need your name and home address for validation purposes, and an email address for contact purposes.

You can sign up for email notifications, blast emails and/or text messages, resident alerts, forum emails, and more. You can opt in or out at any time.

This site is a tool that YOU can use to be more informed with what's happening in the Castle Peak HOA. It will become more useful and valuable over time, and should form into a rich repository of information.